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A secure data room is a digital space that allows users to securely share files. These rooms are frequently used for M&A and other sensitive business transactions, for some legal processes, as well as for general storage and file sharing.

One of the main reasons professionals prefer a secure dataroom over cloud storage such as Google Drive is its security. They are often certified to meet international standards for data protection, and their encryption protocol ensures that documents are secured during crucial transactions and processes.

Secure data rooms are also simpler to use for users since they don’t require any software downloads, and they’re accessible online. They also provide a variety of functions and features that other cloud storage providers do not, such as permissions settings for team members.

Document management is a feature of a data room which safeguards the data. Documents are regularly backed-up using encrypted VPN tunnels to ensure that they can be restored in the event of a data room server failure.

Audit logs can be a valuable tool for tracking who has was able to access and modify the documents in a data room. They can be configured to record all changes that were made, the person who made them, and the date they were made.

The process of selecting a secure data space can be tricky, as there are numerous providers to choose from. A good way to find out which one is right for you is to research their website and look for information about compliance and security features as well as reviews from other users. You can also go through the customer service to see whether it is fast and responds quickly to your queries.