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Let’s see step by step how traditional porcelain veneers are put on:

First, the patient must be diagnosed in the clinic, in addition to taking photographs and a digital scan of all the teeth and smile.

All this will serve to be able to define what the most appropriate treatment will be and even foresee what the final result will be like.

As was the case with composite veneers, control and treat other oral diseases before putting on dental veneers.

To place the porcelain veneers, the tooth is first prepared, carving its surface as little as necessary for the veneers to adhere correctly and, while waiting to receive the final veneers from the laboratory, provisional veneers are placed.

Finally, the final veneer is placed, correctly isolating the teeth to avoid contamination and ensure the proper functioning of the adhesives and placement of veneers on each tooth.

Finally, mention that there are ultra-thin porcelain dental veneers or porcelain micro-veneers for which it is not necessary to carve the tooth, so placing this type of veneer is faster and less invasive, offering first-class results